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Velocity Moto closed the doors at 5452 W Crenshaw in November 2008. We did our best to be the most unique shop in the Tampa area and I think we succeeded. We made some great friends who regularly visited the shop to pull pranks and bust each other's chops ...there are plenty of fond memories. Ross and I dedicated three years of our lives to Velocity - at times it aged and aggravated us greatly but somehow we remained good friends. Can't say it was a FUN ride, but it was definitely a wild one. Our everlasting gratitude goes out to those friends that helped us along the way: our parents, Floyd, Dedrick, Tang, Victor, Bruce, Todd, Pauline, Jose, Mark, Dave, Nick, Brenda, Sean, Fred, James, Michael, Erik, AutoPros, and anyone else my piss-poor memory forgot.







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